Food Diary

My struggles to lose weight have been on going.   But this week I decided to take a new approach.  I have downloaded a food diary app on my phone.  Now every time I eat something I log it in the app.  If I walk, or do other exercise I log that in the app as well.  I also will be logging changes in my weight.

The app I downloaded is pretty sweet.   You type in the food and it looks it up and gives you choice on portion size, etc. Then you select it and it posts the calories you consumed.  There are several thousand entries to choose from including most fast food.   If what you are looking for is not their you can start listing ingredients.   For example, we had a shish kabob for dinner.  I entered the amount of meat, vegetables, fruit and rice separately and it added it all up for me.  One interesting thing is that Coffee has calories in this program.  One cup has 2 calories.

When you set the program up you put in your current weight and other dimensions and your goal.  It then calculates a calorie intake per day to achieve that goal.  So far I have not come close to eating as many calories as it says I can have, so I have high hopes of success.  The weekend will be the real test.

 *Don’t tell Ricky, but those kabobs were horrible.  The chicken was over cooked and dry.  They looked pretty though.  We both were hungry later.  I snacked on an apple.  Ricky had scrambled eggs and a bagel.

P.S.  The app is called “MyFitnessPal”.

2 Responses to “Food Diary”

  1. I absolutely love MFP! It is amazing! You can do this, keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Well, those kabobs in the photo certainly look delicious! It’s funny, I just heard of this APP yesterday. I think it’s a great idea and I wish you the best of luck.

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