Vampire Friday

I know I have run this photo before but doesn’t make your blood tingle?

Today was vampire Friday.  I had to go to the lab and have the blood sucked out of me for some tests.   Dealing with diabetes you get use to this blood-letting, but the fasting part always seems so hard.   It shouldn’t be.  You are required to fast for 10 hours.  Most of that time is spent sleeping if your lab appointment is early in the morning, but still I wanted a midnight snack and felt deprived.  Also I had to drive to the lab without my morning coffee.

The good thing was that Ricky met me for breakfast afterwards.  We went to our usual spot and had omelets.  Now I am back at work and ready for the weekend to begin in just 8 more hours!

My diet is going well.  I have lost 2 pounds this week, which is the goal.  I know you are not supposed to call it a diet, but I still call clerks secretaries too so there.  It is a life style change.  Bullshit.   A life style change is when you get married or you decide you are straight after all.  This is a diet.

It is true that I need to learn to eat differently and that I can not go back to my old ways.  That’s where the life style change comes from, but I am not giving up my favorite things.  I am just enjoying them less frequently.  You know how once you are partnered and the sex drops off.  Same idea, except the lack of food makes my sex drive increase for some strange reason.  I guess hunger is hunger!

I should have my test results back next week.  Then I can go see the doctor and find out what’s wrong with me!  Ha! As if it is all medical.   Anyway,  we will know how my medications are doing and what needs to be changed.  Hopefully, she will be proud of my weight loss so far and give me some advice in that arena as well.   I have a lady doctor.  I think they are more sympathetic plus I don’t feel intimidated.  It’s just us girls, you know what I mean?  I can’t help thinking of the Progreso soup commercial where the girl tells the man (on a tin can phone no less) that she lost weight and he just say okay.   She then asks to speak to a woman.  That’s what I am talking about.

One final note, I am keeping up my food diary.  I have found that on certain days I do eat all the calories.   It seems pasta and bread can use them up very quickly.  We had gnocchi the other night and I hit my limit.  No mid night snacking that night either!


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