Hopes and dreams….derailed?

The ‘boys’ and the ‘girls’ are getting together this weekend.  Our long time friends the Mahaney sisters are coming to Reno.   The original plan was that Rick would retire Laurel would retire and Jeff and Phillis would work in Reno.   What happened?  Jeff got a job in Reno, Rick Retired,  Laurel retired and then things went south.

Laurel came to Reno and rented for almost a year before she came down with the big C.  She returned to Oakdale for family support and ended up in a treatment program in San Francisco.    She has been cancer free for 2 years.  I think that is a mile stone.   But there were complications.  She is almost blind (can’t drive) and requires hearing aids.  The Chemo and radiation as well as the tumor which wrapped around her central nervous system took its toll on her.   She now lives in Oakdale with her daughter.

Phillis has not been able to retire or find a job up here.  So this is a reunion weekend.  We will talk about our hopes and dreams and thank god for what we do have.  Laurel’s daughter had a baby in May!

Another thing we all have in common is a weight problem, although mine is the worst and you never tell a lady she is fat!   We have tried Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, and various fad diets over the years.  I will tell them about MyFitnessPal and how it has been working for me so far.  Even after going over on the 4th, I am down another 1/2 pound this morning!  Yeah!!

I have some new followers since I started blogging about weight loss, so I am going to try and keep you all interested by posting my progress here more regularly.   I tend to go off topic a lot so bare with me.  I will try to entertain you.  Sometimes I just need to unload about things in my life, which in a way has something to due with my weight problem, it’s called stress.  Sometimes I like to tell you what is happening in my fair city, which is what this blog was originally about.  July is ‘Art Town’  month so I am sure to cover some of those events here.  And I live for vacations, that is also a common topic, planning, waiting, going, returning to work, yuk! (And every once in a while I write about love and family and mush like that…)

I will try and visit all of your sites soon.  Take care, Jeff.


4 Responses to “Hopes and dreams….derailed?”

  1. Hey Jeff!
    Have you seen my friend Don’s blog? He underwent one of those stomach stapling procedures in Mexico of all places. He posts periodic pictures of himself (side view, gut extended) as updates to his blog followers. Now there’s an idea for you. Keep blogging Jeff.

    • I have thought of that operation, but it is not without risks. I am hoping to do this on my own. I used to weigh 160 when I was in high school. It is a combination of not being active and eating the wrong foods. I think I can do this without surgery. I just need to think before I eat and MFP is helping me do that as well as keeping track of all the crap I put in my mouth. Don’t even think such things!

      • Jeff,
        I didn’t mean to suggest that you get that operation. I think such an operation is very dangerous and in the long run not the way to solve a weight problem. The only way is to change eating habits. It sounds like you know what to do. It is harder to keep from gaining weight the older we get but it can be done with a combination of activity and watching what we eat. Good luck!

  2. I need to get back into my weight maintenance routine. We can spur each other on!

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