Evil chips, ice cream and ex-boyfriends

Warning!  This post rambles on and has no picture.  Sorry!

Your chanting helped.  Although I did eat about 3 chips.  That is down from the whole bowl that I would usually consume and then ask for more.   The food took a long time and those darn chips were screaming my name.

This morning our house guests departed.  But last night they temped me one more time with ice cream.  This time it was Tasty Freeze.  I resisted.  Told them I had an upset stomach, which was partially true, it was upset because it didn’t get any ice cream!!

Today has been a busy day.  My office is across the street from the hospital and I have had to make several trips back and forth in the extreme heat.   Good cardio I guess.  Normally I can fix things remotely and just sit here on my derrière.

It has been suggested that perhaps I should post pictures of my progress.  I may take them for my own observation but I am not sure you really want to see my fat stomach in living color on your screen.   Now once I have the abs of Ryan…..then maybe.  Actually, I would be happy with just losing the weight.  Abs are a lot of work.  Even the people who have them don’t maintain them 365 days a year.

My ex-partner was into body building.   He actual got what one would call fat looking when he was in training.  Then he would go on a “shredding” diet to get that flat stomach and muscled look.   It was a cycle of bulking up and shredding down.  Personally,  I would just like to be thinner, not Mr. Olympia.

I know you ar thinking, why did you break up with a body builder?  Well, the list of reason is far too long for today’s post.  Let’s just say he was a mess and leave it at that.

Next question, why am I fat?   Because he was into himself and not me, so I got into some ice cream and pizza, and chips, and candy, and mopping around doing nothing.  Those 12 years took away my youth and my body doubled in size.   Of course,  I can’t really blame him for what happened.  I need to take charge of my own situation and that is what I am doing now.

(The bottom line is he cheated on me.  I know in some relationships this is acceptable behavior.  But it wasn’t in mine.  Plus it was far more complicated than a simple act of infidelity.  He was mean and emotionally crippling too.)

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