Bad days too!

Today is not starting out as a good day.  But if this journey is going to help anyone else out there I need to post the bad days too.   It really isn’t that bad a day, but my spirits are down and my enthusiasm for getting fit is down as well.

Last night I had Chinese food.   I han’t realized how high calorie it was if you don’t make it yourself.   All of that oil and noodles and rice, oh my.  And the salt……   Anyway, today was supposed to be my weigh-in and I was up a pound instead of down.    I did it to myself.  No one else to blame.   I think I will weigh-in tomorrow and see if it is just a lot of water from all that salt.  But it is still discouraging.

I need to turn this around and be motivated.  The house guests are gone.  No more excuses.   Get fit. Get happy!!

I am trying to give myself a pep talk here.  It is sort of working but not really.  Tomorrow is another day.  I will try to be positive then.

P.S.  Isn’t that a cool cloud?  It looks like an atomic bomb but it isn’t. 

“Behind every cloud is another cloud.”  ~ Judy Garland


2 Responses to “Bad days too!”

  1. Sorry about that. But you knew that take out “anything” was bad for you, right?
    Take care of yourself. For real!

  2. weight is never a constant; keep going !

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