Fair Food on a Diet?

Okay, so I owe you  a food post.   I put up pictures of all those animals and rides and I am sure you are thinking.  “Jeff, what did you eat at the fair?”  So here we go.  I am going to tell the truth. 

I had some kettle corn, a corn dog, a free Pepsi (they were handing them out, a taste of Rick’s Funnel Cake and a soft serve ice cream cone.   Believe it or not this all came in under my calorie count for the day.

Corn Dog – 180

Sample Pepsi – 75

Gourmet Kettle Corn – 240

Small ice cream cone – 260

That’s 750 calories total.   It didn’t break me.  I saved up for it before we left home.   You can enjoy things in moderation.  You just have to make allowances.   Also I am sure all the walking we did was good for me too.  The Kettle Corn attacked me.  We were sitting down wind from it listening to Foreigner.  Finally I had to go get a bag.  It was wonderful.  I think the smell was the best part though.

They had these things called colossal dogs.   I didn’t dare eat one, but it was funny watching people with these things, dipping them in mustard and biting into them.  I should have taken a picture.  These things were 14″ long and deep fried on a stick!    Ouch!.

P.S.  Stealing food off of someone elses plate like french fries or funnel cake doesn’t count does it?


2 Responses to “Fair Food on a Diet?”

  1. Anything deep fried is touched by Heaven.

  2. anything deep fried is off my menu for a long while !

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