Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

My friend Mary is on a Juice diet.  She watched this movie “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and was inspired to try the diet.   She has been Juicing for 11 days and counting.   She wants to lose 60 pounds in as many days.  I admire her effort but I think the diet is a little extreme for my taste.  She has consulted her doctor so I think she will be okay.

The question is will her mood swings hold out the full 60 days or will Jeff get his ass kicked for a protein bar one morning.   Just kidding, Mary, if you are reading this, but seriously this is a drastic type of diet.  I think I will watch the movie if I can find it on Netflix.  Maybe I can be inspired too.    Although I am not going to be Juicing any time soon I assure you.  Here is a trailer.

3 Responses to “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”

  1. A bit extreme indeed….

  2. Reblogged this on betterhealth4all and commented:
    Definitely a great film to watch, and be inspired to turn your health around!

  3. We were so inspired by that documentary that we bought that same exact juicer. Never touched it! m.

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