NOLA awaits

My trip to NOLA is less than a month away!   I haven’t been their in 5 years.  I am really looking forward it.  The food is wonderful (diet be damned).  Labor Day weekend attracts almost 100,000 revealer to the French Quarter for Southern Decadence (sometimes called gay mardi gra).

It is a wild party in the streets filled with hot sweaty men!  The epicenter is the corner of St. Anne and Bourbon. The bars are packed to the rafters.  If you aren’t having a good time you aren’t trying.  Did I mention they have togo cups!  You can travel with your drinks up and down the streets.  During big events like this all drinks are served in plastic.  It is safer that way.  Normally, though, can pour your drink into a togo cup at the door and be on your way.

I don’t think I can gain 20 pounds in 4 days.  But I am not going to be counting my calories I assure you.  There are two parades and lots of naughty shows and contests.   For the adventurous the “Country Club” is a cab ride to the edge of the quarter where you can enjoy outdoor dinning and a non stop pool party.  Rain or shine this place is a good time.

On Saturday night the big leather bar outside the quarter throws a block party.  This can be a fun diversion for a little while but the neighborhood is scary and the cab drivers are a little like the ones in TJ.  If you don’t know where you are going it can be a different sort of adventure!   There is a nice Leather Bar in the quarter which is safer.  The police patrol the quarter and tend to look the other way on everything but violent behavior.  After all NOLA is the murder capital. There is safety in numbers and as long as you are aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes open for trouble you will be fine.  I have never had a problem but I hear stories of muggings when people are returning to their hotels and such.  That is why we try to stay in a place close to the action so we don’t have any lonely late night walks back to the hotel.  If you are staying on Canal Street in one of the bigger hotels, catch a cab or travel in a group. Enough about safety.  Decadence is about having fun. 

During the day (when a lot of the party animals are sleeping) we plan to venture out and take in some of the other sites the area has to offer.   So far we have planned a plantation tour, a ghost tour, and a cemetery tour.  It is really not the right time of year for swamp tours (just typing that I hear banjos and picture poor Ned Beatty squealing like a pig in his underwear).

There is a voodoo shop, a voodoo lounge, K-Paul’s kitchen, Emeril Lagasse’s, cable cars, a riverwalk, a riverboat ride, the mardi gra island where the float are stored, lots of shops, restaurants and bars.   You can buy a drink everywhere.   They have carts like ice cream cart, but they are full of beer and rum slushies.  There is an open bar in the middle  of the riverwalk.   Harrah’s has a casino too (but I don’t need to go there).  There are slot areas in a lot of the taverns and bars as well.   There are strip clubs of every description.   The boys from Montreal dance on top of the bar at the Corner Pocket.   For a dollar you can fondle and if you slip them a 20 they will take you in the back for a lap dance.  There are so many people showing their stuff in the streets you don’t really need to go here.  But it is a guaranteed fun time and the drinks are not that bad either.

So I am really looking forward to this trip.  I hope to lose some more weight before we go so the eating won’t do me in.   I love black beans and rice, gumbo, crawfish, anything fried.  Just about everything is fried in NOLA.  I will try to maintain (a wee bit).

P.S.  I have picture from previous years.  I need to go through them and find some g rated ones to post here later in the month.


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  1. the food alone is worth the trip; oh !!

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