Three ring circus upstages Olympic games at our house


Television has been horrible the last couple of weeks.  Once I see the divers on the Olympics, I am through, but it goes on and on and on.  So now I have time to watch the neighbors.  This has proved to be quite the saga of late.  It’s a story of intrigue, mystery and strange goings on.

For starters a motor home from California has been parked on the street in front of our complex.   It’s summer, I supposed people have out-of-townees.   The police have been here on more than one occasion.   Cars have been broken into, bikes have been stolen, and my favorite “disturbances”.  The gardener has not been doing his job.  Our pool was closed by the health department for a few days because of his negligence and the lawn is turning brown.  The crazy neighbor with the rabbits is back in town.  One of the renters decided it was okay to work on he truck in the parking stalls 24/7.  And here is where it all goes south.

That renter and another one are suspected of dealing.  That motor home had it’s windows covered with trash bags.  An old lady’s grandson who lives with her has apparently been dealing in our parking area.   Cars are coming through like it’s a drive-in.  The rumor is that the motor home was a meth-lab on wheels.  The kid who works on his truck can’t sleep because he is on and or dealing meth.  He got evicted this week.

The upshot is our homeowners association is looking into a new gardener, a security system, and possibly an new fence.  The current fence is a hiding place for all of this activity.  At the recommendation of the police we should replace it with a iron fence that can be seen through.  We have already increased the wattage on the outside lighting.

Maybe watching a handicapped person run the 100 meter for a gold isn’t such a bad idea after all.  And lock the doors too!

I am just hoping the guys who put in the new fence look like this:


And not this:



3 Responses to “Three ring circus upstages Olympic games at our house”

  1. Okay, you just need to move. I don’t see that getting any better. Don’t be a prisoner in your own home. m.

    • That’s easy for you to say now that you live in a castle. I can’t afford to move. Things are getting better though. The motorhome meth lab is gone. The one drug dealer is evicted. We still have the guy who lives with his mother but the police have been there and the activity has stopped. It is said that people have to live that kind of life. I feel for his mother.

  2. the fellow in the 2nd photo works in my neighborhood, so you should be OK.

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