Who says size doesn’t matter?

I am so happy I am almost giddy.  Yesterday I was running around the hospital constantly trying to keep my pants up, so when I got home I thought, I am going to try some smaller pants.  Guest what!  I can wear Ricks old dress pants. He doesn’t need them anymore now that he retired and they are a full size smaller than my old ones.  Actually they are two sizes smaller than some of my pants.  You see I buy those ones with the “comfort” waist band which has always allowed me to wear a smaller size.  But these don’t have a comfort waist band!!

Okay, so when I look in the mirror I still see the same overweight old man looking at me, but clothes don’t lie.  This is progress.  Next step.  When we go out I am going to try sitting in a booth.  I am such a dare-devil!

It is Hot August Nights here in Reno.   One of the biggest events of the year.   The city is packed.    I usually try to leave town but we are stuck here this year.    If I attend any of the events I will try to post pictures.   It’s a lot of old cars and drag races, real ones, not gaysters in dresses.  Last year someone had the very car I drove to high school.  It is fun to see these classics all fixed up and paraded around, kind of like me.

This was my first car, only it was green not orange. Pretty spiffy huh?

P.S.  There may be some gaysters in dresses too.  Next Saturday is our gay pride event.

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