Dangerous foods that make me happy and why


It’s Monday.  Normally I would be depressed about this but today I came off call, so I am happy!   Also it is only  10 days till be go to New Orleans.  I am very happy about that.   When be come back I will turn 52, which means I will finally be operating with a full deck, Haha!.

So, I thought it would be fun to talk about food that makes me happy, otherwise known as the danger zone.   As you can probably figure out I am a sweet lover (and I love sweets!).   One of my all time favorite sweets is toll-house chocolate chip cookies.   I love them.  I love the dough before they are cooked.  I love them hot out of the oven.  I could eat a whole batch right now.

The next part of this is how I have controlled this dangerous substance abuse.    First of all we need to understand why I like these so much other than the obvious, they are delicious!   I think it is because they remind me of my grandmother.  I have a very fond memory of my grandmother visiting me at camp and bringing enough chocolate chip cookies for everyone in my troop.  Not only were they wonderful, I became quite popular as well.   So the first step in controlling this substance is to realize that I can remember my grandmother and share these cookies with others.  I don’t have to eat them all myself until they are gone.   Control!   I can eat one.  It is in MFP.  I can record the calories, savor the moment, remember my grandma and move on.  I have learned to watch others enjoy them and derive happiness from that as well.

Now comes the big danger on my list, pizza.   I love pizza.   A pizza buffet is an end to me.  I will eat till I am sick in the stomach and still try to eat more.   Where does this come from?   It goes back to my childhood again.   We used to have family pizza night.  Those were fun times.  We played games and got to drink Pepsi.  It was a treat. Again I have figured out how to control this memory.   I can have pizza once in a while.   I limit myself to 4 slices of a medium pizza.  I also control the toppings.  Now a days my pizza has more vegetables and less greasy meat.  I don’t give them up entirely because the craving would not be satisfied with an all veg pizza.   I have to have pepperoni or sausage.  But I don’t have to have the 3 pound meat lovers special.  You have seen that commercial where the guy falls through the floor just holding it.   Now I am working on this  too.  I should be satisfied with 2 pieces, but hey I have cut back.  These things take time.  In fact, I noticed the last time that I was satisfied after 2 slices but I still eat the other 2 out of compulsion.  The main thing is to stay away from that Round Table lunch buffet which also has pizza dough made into a desert.  Shame on them.  It is too much.

Okay, I have touched on two of my danger foods.  I am working on controlling these foods rather than letting them control me.  (I am salivating just writing about them!).  I will win this battle of the bulge.



4 Responses to “Dangerous foods that make me happy and why”

  1. i had to skip over this post – no pizza for me neither !

  2. I’m not sure but some people told me (I also feel that) that they’re craving for sweet when practicing Yoga.

  3. I could live on Pizza. But I hardly ever eat it because once I start, there’s no stopping me!

  4. Pizza is the ultimate comfort food for me. No matter how bad a day has gone it will be better after pizza. And if the day was a good one there is an obvious way to celebrate….

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