Beer crawl leads to Stone House

I was a bad boy this weekend.   Rick’s brother came to town with his daughter and her husband.  We did the Beer Crawl on Saturday and did nothing but eat badly and drink all weekend.   I didn’t even put it in MFP.  It would probably blow up on me.   Rick made some of those toll-house cookies, but I made his niece take most of them home with her.

On Sunday we went to Stone House.   It is a great place for breakfast.  You can eat outside in the garden which has lots of shade from plants and umbrellas.   I had the banana rum french toast.  It is heavenly.  (Don’t go here for dinner though.  It is over priced and the service sucks.)


Stone House

So now I am getting excited about going to New Orleans.  Of course, there is a hurricane headed there before me.  I hope it rains and moves on quickly. Our rooms are non-refundable.  They used to offer trip insurance and the hotels would allow last minute cancellations, but not since Katrina.  The quarter lost a lot of money that year and have stopped being so co-operative.  In fact, we had to pay in full 15 days ahead.

I am going to try and (avoid the scales) behave the next few days before we leave.


One Response to “Beer crawl leads to Stone House”

  1. Safe Travels! And ignore the scales. New Orleans is a city for great places to eat. Enjoy!!

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