Dirty words…..like exercise!

I apologies for that last post.  I wasn’t myself (or was I?)   Anyway,  the weight loss thing is going well.  My clothes fit better.   I have hit a sort of plato in the losing department, but I am not gaining so that is a big plus.  I think what I need to do now is add some, oh I hate this word so much, exercise.

My friend Mary will be done with her 60 day juice diet.   She has not gotten on the scales but I can tell she has lost a lot of weight.  Her last day is September 4th.  She tells me she is craving fish and salad.   Hmmm.  I would be craving more than that if it were me.  She will have to be careful about what she eats at first since she hasn’t had any solid food for 2 months.  I am proud of her.  I just hope she can keep losing.  Mary goes for long walks once or twice a week around the marina here in Sparks.  She says it is about 2 miles once around.    I may join her one of these evenings.

That last picture reminds me.  The balloon races are the next weekend.   Our friends from Santa Rosa are coming up that weekend, but not for the balloons, oddly enough.   You see Virgina City also holds their Camel races that weekend and Trilla wants to ride a camel.  And who could blame her, they are so cute….not!!

I personally am looking forward to the Ostriches!!  Who wouldn’t want a big bird between their legs (sorry again for that remark as well, shame on you Jeff! )

One Response to “Dirty words…..like exercise!”

  1. you are a better man than I; I am not losing weight at all to my disappointment.

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