There has been a lot written about friendship in this electronic age of smart phones, tablets, and other gizmos.  I am well aware of the effect these devices have had on our social environment.  But this weekend we spend the entire time with our old friend from Santa Rosa.   Not only did electronic gizmos take a back seat but we didn’t even turn on the TV until Sunday night right before bed.

It was so refreshing.  Our Santa Rosa couple have been friends with Rick for a very long time and friends of mine since about the second week Rick and I met.   We don’t see them often, but when we do it is like time stood still. We sit in the living room and talk for hours catching up on everything.  We spend time remembering things we did together.  We share our plans for the future.  But most of all we entertain each other without electronics,  amazing isn’t it?

We also embarked on new adventures.  We went to Virgina City for the Camel Races.  It was fun to watch.  I did use a camera to take some picture and movies.  Another amazing thing about Virgina City, AT&T doesn’t have any service up there!!   Between the races of camels, zebras, ostriches and even chickens they offered camel rides.  Patrilla wanted to ride a camel.  Her husband Tom wanted no part of it.  I filmed the entire event. Once I feel like messing with my computer at home tonight I will download and post come of the images.  So now we have new memories to share. Patrilla got her camel ride and Tom didn’t have to take her to Egypt to do it (although her fondness for the animals just may require that trip some time in the future).

You know what else we did?  We went for a Sunday afternoon drive.   I don’t know if people do this anymore, but when I was a kid my dad use to load us up in the care and just drive somewhere, be it the mountains or the desert or just a trip to a park.  On our Sunday drive we went to Pyramid Lake, the end of the Truckee river.  The Truckee starts in the mountains at Lake Tahoe and travels down through Reno and out to Pyramid Lake which is entirely on an Indian Reservation (without casinos either).  

The lake is desolate.  There are no trees or even many shrubs.  Just desert rocks and sand.  The lake gets its name from a rock formation on the shore that looks like a pyramid.  We attempted to drive out to the formation and get a closer look, but the dirt road in was closed to the public.  The Indians are attempting to preserve this wasteland we left them, an odd concept for most people.   Just being out there felt some how spiritual.

Turn off your phone and your TV and get outside.  The world is talking and no one is listening to her cries for help.  We have lost our ancestral connection to the land and the sea.   I am not saying you have to go back in time forever, but it is nice to remember where we came from.  And take a friend or two.


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  1. I had the opportunity to visit SE Alaska in July ; mostly hiking and kayaking in the Tongas Natl Forest We traveled from place to place on a fairly small craft – 70 passengers, and aside from brief moments as we passed a town we were without cell or internet access most of the week. After a few hours of serious withdrawl symptons it was very pleasant.

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