There are only two times I feel stress….day and night!

I took an on-line stress test today.  I wanted to see if my life was truly as stressful as I think.  Guess what?  It is.  I scored 381, and anything over 300 is “High susceptibility to stress-related illness.  Daily practice of relaxation skills is very important for your wellness.  Take care before a serious illness erupts or an affliction becomes worse. The illness could be mild – frequent tension headaches, acid indigestion, loss of sleep to very serious illness like ulcers, cancer, migraines and the like.”

You can take this test too.  I tried to copy it here but it is not blogger friendly code.

So isn’t that scary.   I am able to adjust this number by removing some of the check boxes on the survey, but the number still remains high and of course I am not being honest about what is happening in my life if I uncheck things am I?

I think the test stressed me out!!

This man is suffering from heat stress which leads to heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or milder conditions like heat cramps. This is do to over exertion. Definitely not my source of stress, but doesn’t he look good.

You see I am practicing some stress relief now (don’t go there!).


One Response to “There are only two times I feel stress….day and night!”

  1. stress is bad; they’ve done studies.

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