Lies and disappointments

It is time to come clean.  I have been lying to myself for several weeks.  My weight went up because I was depressed about not going on vacation.  Plus there were birthday cakes and cookies to eat.    I know weight fluctuates, but I couldn’t bear to enter a gain in MFP.   

This morning, however, I am back on track.   I still haven’t made a new entry in MFP because my weight is the same as the last time I posted it.   Maybe by the end of this week I will be able to record a loss!  I am trying so hard.   That’s part of the problem.  The harder I try the more deprived I feel and then I try to make up for it all at once.  I need to get back on an even keel.  I wasn’t able to meet the guys this morning for breakfast.  Pesky old work had other plans for me.  So I had another bowl of rocks and came to work to answer phones.  That has made me a little crabby, but I am going to hold fast and not do anything stupid like eat a carton of ice cream or an extra-large order of fries for lunch.

My partner has been driving me to work this week because his car is in the shop.  I have to admit I kind of like being chauffeured around.  Plus we get to argue first thing in the morning.  Isn’t that special.


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