Bike Riding

It is happening again.  More than 50,000 bikers have descended on Reno, Sparks, Virginia City and Lake Tahoe.   It is the 18th annual Street Vibrations.  This year is supposed to be a “no colors” rally, due to the tragic shooting event last year at the Nugget in Sparks.  It is hoped that if “gang” jackets are not on display it will be a tamer event.  Really, most people are here because they love motorcycles, not because they are in a gang.

There are lots of events all around town including a poker run, a tattoo expo, stunt shows, “beautiful biker babes”, and more than 300 vendors selling everything motorcycle.  Crosby, Still and Nash are headlining at the Reno Events Center on the 22nd.  

Okay, so it’s a lot of noise for several days.  It brings in lots of money so people need to just quit complaining.  We usually get out-of-town, but not this year.  I might even wonder around downtown and see if there are any rainbow bears to capture my attention. 

Rick’s brother will be here but he is staying with some of his biker friends.  We probably won’t even hear from him.  Instead, we have some friends visiting who are going to a wedding on Mt. Rose.   We probably won’t see much of them either, except when they come to sleep.  We would rather be in San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair, but I have to work Sunday.  So I will have to get my leather fix from these mostly straight guys.

Remember Glenn Hughes?

Hughes died in March 2001, aged 50, at his Manhattan apartment from lung cancer. He was subsequently interred (wearing his leatherman outfit).


One Response to “Bike Riding”

  1. I remember Mr, Hughes very well. The VP were probably the first popular images of gay people, albeit stereotype images, I saw growing up.

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