What did you want to be when you grew up?  I wanted to be a writer.  I went to college to be a journalist.   I was a sports journalist for a string of community newspapers.  Then things changed.  I found out I wasn’t necessarily a good journalist and I couldn’t live on the small amount of money it paid.  But I set a goal and I got there. 

While working at that paper I learned about typesetting.  Things were just on the crest of becoming computerized.  We still did layout boards, but they were computer printouts that were then waxed into place.  We took our pictures with a regular film camera and then put a screen on them to digitize the results in a dark room.

My father got me a job in aerospace (yes it was rocket science!).  I was a tech writer.  Tech writing isn’t really writing at all.  You take canned paragraphs and modify them to meet the new criteria and wallah you have a new tech manual.   This lead me into computers.  We did some of the first word processing and spreadsheet data analysis.  I got my masters  paid for in that job and have been a computer geek ever since.

Now, I want to go back to my original dream and be a writer.  This blog has been a small outlet to that end.  I hoped one day to be a novelist.  But printing is going out of fashion.  Plus people self-publish now and books are electronic.   So maybe this ship has sailed.  Or perhaps this is my chance.  I can use my computer background and become an author.   Maybe someday people will be downloading my novel into their Kindle Fire.  Or maybe I can just film it with my new digital video camera and put it up on YouTube.  I need some actors.  Let see, is Johnny Dep available?

And maybe I will lose a hundred pounds by Christmas!   It can happen.  Where is that magic mirror?  I know I will let the neighbor’s bunny out and have him dig me a rabbit hole.  Where is the Red Queen?  Watch out Madd Hatter, here I come.  I am late. I am late.  For a very important date. 

I still have dreams.

One Response to “Dreaming”

  1. In a way you are a writer – right here!

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