It coming down to the wire.  We are going live with our new PACS on Tuesday.   There is so much to do and yet nothing to do.  I have tasks for the go live and will be working swing shift all next week.  This will not be good for my diet or my blog.   The good thing is that the project manager says he will bring in health snacks and hopes we will do the same.  I have already heard people say that someone always brings in twinkies.  I will have to stay clear of them.

Remember Twinkie the Kid?

He is anthropomorphized.  Look it up.

One Response to “Twinkies”

  1. Do they still make Twinkies? I have not had one in maybe 40 years. I wonder if they would taste the same? I also remember hohos and somesort of cupcake with white curly cue frosting.
    And then there were pop tarts.

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