Late night

Workin in a coal mine, workin…..

I am stuck here in the “Command Center” until 10:30 pm.   It is very boring.  The first night I had things to do but tonight all is quiet on the Western front.  Only two calls since 6 pm.

I have been trying to eat right in spite of the boredom.  There are Danish from this morning that really don’t look that appetising now so it is easy not to eat them.  (Of course I had to try a bite just in case they weren’t as stale as they looked!)  There are fruit on the table too, but I am not interested in them at the moment, although I did just spy a banana.

If all goes well tomorrow, they may close the “Command Center” tomorrow night and only leave it open for days and swing.  Then after that I hope only days.  That would get me off the hook for working Friday and Saturday from 10 pm to 6 am.  Let us pray!

I couldn’t decide which version of this song to post.  I can’t hear them….so you get both.


One Response to “Late night”

  1. A little prayer was done on my part.

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