Slip sliding away?

Well, after actually reading the diet book a little closer, I made the decision to stop the ATTACK phase over the weekend.   I know I originally planned to do this phase for 10 days.   I have changed my mind not because of will power, but because I want to succeed at this.   It seems that most of us who start this diet and have more than 100 pounds to lose pick the longest period for the ATTACK phase.   A large percentage of us also ultimately fail the whole diet process.  I don’t want to be in those failing statistics.

Five days was long enough.  I lost about 8 pounds.  That is pretty incredible.   I am inspired to continue my weight loss.   But more importantly,  I have decided to eat like a normal person (not a normal Jeff!).  I hadn’t realized how much I like vegetables.   In phase two of this diet vegetable are allowed.   This made it possible for me to eat out.   I could have Mexican food for example.

Here is the good part from this, I was able to resist the chip bowl.   If it was just me at the table I would have had them taken away.   Instead, I sat there staring at them and recognized them for what they are, empty calories.  I resisted by drinking an entire glass of ice tea while waiting for my fajitas.    I didn’t eat the tortillas either.  It was a healthy plate of shrimp, chicken and beef with onions and peppers.   It stuffed me.   I did not go away hungry.

If you are familiar with this diet you probably know that I should not have had the oil that was used to prepare this Mexican stir-fry, but I am allowing for some cheating or bending of the rules here.  In fact, I think it is necessary, for me to make some exceptions.    So am I a quitter?    I don’t think so.  I am adapting this diet to my life style.  I am learning how to eat all over  again.

The bad news is that I did gain 2 pounds.  The good news is this is only temporary water weight that came back.  I am not discouraged yet (unless of course the weight gain continues!).

We are taking a long weekend coming up.   We are going to visit Ricky’s sister in Santa Cruz and plan to stop in Santa Rosa to visit some old friend too.   Eating the pure protein diet would not be possible.    I am hoping that Sis is not offended when I don’t eat all the deserts and treats she is famous for preparing.   I will allowing myself a small serving of one of  them but hat will be it.

I think this slower approach is going to work out just fine.


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