Today is a new day.   Finally, those damn political ads will stop!!  We have Mr. Obama for another 4 years.    I can take back my sacred underwear and cancel my LDS membership.

On a person note, I have a cold.   It is a nasty sinus thing that makes me sleepy because I am heavily medicated.   (The kind of stuff you have to scan your driver license to buy and sign saying you are not operating a meth lab.)

We are planning on a Thanksgiving at home.  Things have changed on that front as well.  Our son is getting a divorce.  He has never sounded happier.  It was all I could do not to jump up and cheer when he told us.  So it will be just him and the girls (our girls) for Thanksgiving.   No mean stepmother and evil step children.

Okay that is it.  Happy days are truly here again.  (I do feel a little sorry for his wife…..but I am glad she will no longer be making our son miserable.  She needs help.  Maybe she will learn from this situation.  This will have been her third marriage so I kind of doubt it.)

3 Responses to “Forward”

  1. Yes, what a relief to see no more political ads. We narrowly avoided a disaster by putting the Republicans back into power.

    I hope your Thanksgiving goes well for you. For me this is not only the best birthday present (my birthday is November 9th) but also my best Thanksgiving ever!

  2. a good thanksgiving for you, indeed.

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