Vaccinated for the holidays

This picture reminds me of my sister.  She  hates shots.

I made my six month visit to the doctors.   Seems they won’t renew my prescriptions unless I come in and say hi once in a while.   While I was there I got the flu shot, pneumonia, and tetanus.   I feel like a new puppy.  Went in Saturday to the lab for blood work.   It was nice to be able to tell the doctor that I had lost over 20 pounds and that my sugar was more in-line.   It  beats being told you are too fat.

The sad thing is that I really can’t see a change yet.   My neck has more of a waddle but that may just be the body aging.  My pants fit better.  I need a new belt to hold some of them up.   I guess that is progress.    Oh, and the other day I went to my favorite breakfast place and sat in a booth!  That was really a milestone.   Hopefully, I won’t over do it this holiday season.   I am on-call over Turkey day, which has me slightly depressed.  But the kids are coming up on Friday (san soon to be ex daughter-in-law).  That should be great.

I am really trying not to get sad about the holidays.   Ricky gets amped up,  preparing food lists, getting gift ideas from the girls, etc.   I am excited about our trip to New Orleans, but I am not excited about flying home Christmas day!  More on the trip later.

Today is my sister’s birthday.  She is 56, that’s so hard to believe.  We are our parents after all.  I joked with her on facebook the other day because she updated her status to married and the timeline showed that she got married.   She has been married since 1982.  So I asked her, “Who’s the lucky guy”.  I almost called her at midnight to sing happy birthday, but my singing isn’t that good and I was tired.  (She has done this to me in the past, and she can’t sing either!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.   Eat healthy and be happy.  Your friend  Jeff.

(Oh, I guess you should exercise too, but that is your choice!)

How could such beautiful birds be so stupid?


One Response to “Vaccinated for the holidays”

  1. Good progress!
    I am ‘keeping it sweet” this week and eating less; no big Thursday eating orgy either !

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