I am a winner!!

I am sure all of you are dyeing to know if I survived the pizza challenge.    First look at this picture.


This is our favorite pizza from JJ’s Pie Company.    It’s a medium pepperoni with black olives and mushroom.  The crust has honey baked into it.  Yummy!   I love this place.  It’s just a tacky old sports bar that university students hang out in, but the pizza is the best I have found anywhere.   So normally,  I would eat half of this bad boy, but last night I restrained myself and only had two pieces.  Let me tell you this was not an easy task.  Rick wasn’t much help.  He kept saying don’t just stare at it eat it if you want too.   You see he had polished off his half already.   I stood my ground and refused to eat another piece.   I got a container from the bar and we brought them home and put them in the frig.  Ricky likes leftover pizza.  One of the few leftovers he will eat.

How did I do this?   I ate a little slower.  I tried to take it all in, the smells, the texture.  I didn’t have a beer either, which tends to cloud good judgement anyway.  It wasn’t that hard after all.   I convinced myself that I didn’t really want another piece.  After two pieces I had that euphoria.  If I ate more I would have that full, hand me the Tums bottle feeling.  It was great.

Okay, now here is the winner part.   We went out to a casino at lunch time yesterday and I won over 300 dollars in a penny machine.  I don’t usually post about gaming, but in the spirit of the multi-million dollar lottery power ball winner here is my little bit of excitement.   You see we do gamble.  But we do it for fun.   We are not total idiots who spend their rent money and then have no money for food.  We play pennies.  We set an amount we are willing to lose and that is it.  We go home.  We have a secret stash in the jewelry box at home.   Anytime we win enough to “make a bill” we put it in the envelope in the drawer as vacation money.   I have been so lucky this past month we have stashed over 1500 dollars plus had enough to give sonny boy so he can fly back to see his mom ($300).  If she wants him to leave she will have to fork over the return trip, ha ha!

I was so excited at lunch, I forgot to take a picture of the winning machine, but here is one from last week!


As you can see I was down to 42 cents when I won this!   Amazing, don’t you think?  Those little horses are wilds.  Aren’t they pretty?   Funny thing, this machine has already been replaced.  So I can’t put it all back!   We had sugar-free gelatos to celebrate.  Oh and to top it off,  I was down 1.4 pounds this morning!   Thank you for all the luck you have sent my way who ever you are!!


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