Baby Huey!

I had a nightmare of a weekend.  Seriously, it was horrible.  It started out okay.  Then my voyeurism discovered something on Facebook that make me very upset.  It seems sonny boy went to dinner with his wife and her friends.   Tell me something  How stupid do you have to be to walk into that trap?  I am very disappointed in him.   His post on Facebook was a way of telling us without actually telling us.  It created a big stir from here to Oklahoma.   Originally, I was concerned about the flooding from the Truckee river, but that took a back burner to this news.

“She invited me to dinner and I like her friends so I went”.   Geez.   They went to Outback Steakhouse.  It reminds me of that Taco Bell commercial where the girl puts a taco in her purse to lure the guys to her at a bar.   He really is a big dumb baby Huey  after all.


The whole story has yet to play out.   I can tell you that his mother and Rick were texting and then talking on the phone for at least an hour.  I was kind of jealous!  (Actually, I wanted to hear both sides of the conversation.)  But seriously,  after he came crying to us for support because he was “threw” with  her right before Thanksgiving, and all she does is wave a steak and he comes running!

I won’t go into  all the details but ….I am still a little sick about it even though I said I would be happy with it, no matter what he decides.    She is supposed to go to counseling (sure and that will make it all better!).   “Everything is fixable, except the situation with granddaughter no. 1”.    Fixable, is she typing this into your phone cause it doesn’t sound like you talking at all.     And yes his mother fixed everything else.  She sent him a large sum of money.   Let’s see if we have the primal needs covered here.    Food, Shelter,   …..   I hate think about it!

Take a deep breath Jeff…. this is his life not yours.  (But I had such high hopes!)   His mother is planning an intervention.  He is going to her place alone for 10 days at Christmas (wifey has to work).    Being the naive boy he is he doesn’t know the wrath of a woman, let alone a mother.  I am rooting for her all the way this time.

Oh and in case anyone cares.  We averted the flood.  It got too cold and the rain became snow in the mountains.


One Response to “Baby Huey!”

  1. “Baby Huey”, that’s my pet name for my “little brother” (who weighs 300 lbs). In fact, he calls himself that. All in good nature. Funny that I should see “Baby Huey” as a blog title.

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