River walk

Time to get back on topic.  That last post was really just a stress release.   I have been trying to eat correctly this week and still eat the things that I like.  It’s a dirty couple of words called portion control.  So far I have not seen any positive results on the scales, but I haven’t seen any adverse ones either, which means,  I just need some fine tuning to start losing again. (Translation, eat less move more!)

I think the biggest problem is  that other dirty work, exercise.  Unless you count fighting the crowds in the mall, I have not been doing any. So tonight I am going to make the effort and go for a walk.  It has stopped raining for now, but I will not use that as an excuse.  I can find an indoor space to walk.  If the mall is out of the question,  maybe I can get my walk in at the hospital. Otherwise,  I really enjoy going on the path down by the river.  Although at night this can be a very scary place.  I hear gay men hide in the bushes.  I am pretty sure this is just a rumor.  Gay men don’t like bushes do they?   I just did a search for gay men in the bushes and it was not anything I could post here! Fantasies aside I am going for a walk.


Besides this time of year the trees and bushes are pretty bare and uninviting.

Truckee river, winter sunset. Reno, Nevada, USA

This is a view of Harrah’s office building and parking structure from down river.  There is a Pizza by the Slice in the bottom of this building now and the new Ace’s minor league ball park is across the street.  I don’t think Harrah’s even uses this building anymore.


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  1. eat less; move more indeed !!

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