Malls and presents….

Mondays are not a good day to get on the scales.  All the sins of the weekend come home to roost (on my stomach!).  It really wasn’t that bad but I was hoping for improvement.  Silly me.  I ate all sorts of bad things like cookies, ginger bread, and mocha’s at the mall.  Mall’s are a dangerous place.  They have these horrible things called food courts.   I know how to avoid that.  It’s down by Sears.  I only enter Sears from the outside.   But at Christmas they have all these added booths down the middle of the mall, Starbucks, Auntie Pretzels,  Dots, Cinnabon,  you have no hope of escape, except for the long lines.



The good thing is I am done with the mall for now.  I only need a few gift cards, which Ricky has volunteered to get.   We are having Christmas early with the kids.  They are coming Friday!  I had better be ready.   Of course, Ricky is making cookies and other delights for the visit but I am going to hold out.   (Maybe just one cookie hot out of the oven!).


We are going to deliver our secret Santa gifts at lunch today.  We took a name off a tree at a local restaurant for a 12 year old boy who wanted a scooter and Monopoly.   His color choice for clothing was “black”.  We bought the game and the scooter.  Hopefully, this will get him out of his “black” mood.  We also bought clothes for another little boy and a skate board.  It feels good to give to these kids, knowing that may be all they get from Santa.   I also like that they are local families.  We are helping the community.  (Plus I had a little extra money this year to share!)

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