Horrors at the dentist

Went to the dentist today.   I hate the dentist, along with everyone else I supposed.   It is the same story every time.  Do you floss?  No.   Are you using your Sonic? Sometimes.    You have a lot of plaque below the gum line.  I am going to schedule you for more torture treatments  a deep cleaning.  So, in February I get to go back!

I know it is important to take care of your teeth and healthy teeth promote good health in general, but after a few weeks I also know that I will not keep up the rigorous cleaning regiment she recommends either.


Hey at least I don’t  have meth mouth.  Those picture are too sick to post here.  Maybe I could get a grill!  You know I saw some teeth in a vending machine at the dollar store for 50 cents.


These are pretty!



One Response to “Horrors at the dentist”

  1. I don’t like going to the dentist either; mine is always trying to sell me things I don’t want.

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