In this age of paperless work places and the EMR*, why have I spent the entire day troubleshooting printers?   It seems we need printers to print patient labels and arm bands among other things.  Not fun.  But it got me off my butt and out into the world which was a nice change of pace.   We did a whirl wind tour of Sparks and valleys north.  Tomorrow I need to go to South Meadows and beyond.

We have a printer company on contract to maintenance these devices, but that is were it ends.  They drop of the printer, make sure it works mechanically and then the rest is left to us.   Setting up print queues for the different paper drawers.  Assigning network IP addresses.  Adding the printer as a choice to EMR  for the various workstations.   This process is cumbersome because each piece is done by a different person, and guess what your’s truly is the coordinator.

So that is my excitement.  I can hardly wait till the kids come up this weekend.   Two more days!   I supposed I will survive.

Click on the the picture below to read some printer humor!  I couldn’t say it better myself.




*Electronic Medical Record.

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