Today is Christmas!


I know Christmas is not till the 25th, but today is Christmas at our house.   Our son and his two girls are come up to Reno this afternoon.   We are going to have Christmas dinner and open presents (before he goes to his mothers for deprogramming).  I woke up this morning to the smell of a cake in the oven!  Delightful.

After our turkey disaster Rick decided to have tri-tip instead of turkey or ham.  It was 24 degrees when I left for work.  He is going to be one cold chief out there on the patio barbecuing our dinner (or maybe it will be me while he prepares the side dishes).  No matter, I just got a new Carhartt jacket to keep me warm.

Abbie, the youngest grand daughter is getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.  Her older sister Emma will be getting a laptop from her mother.*  Our son was smart and made a deal with his ex-wife since both girls wanted expensive things for Christmas. (His soon to be ex-wife is another matter!)

Get this,  newly separated wife (NSW) texted sonny boy’s mother all morning yesterday.  She says how much she loves our son and his family.   But this time the wicked witch his mother wasn’t buying it.  She texted back “sometimes love isn’t enough”.   She then proceeded to text Rick and tell him she thought sonny boy and NSW were moving further apart.

He goes back to Oklahoma alone to his mothers next week when we leave for New Orleans.  Good thing we have a national plan on our cells.

But today is Christmas!  I am a little excited.  I hope to capture pictures of the little darlings opening gifts and eating cookies and brownies.   I suspect some things will need to be returned on Saturday and gift cards will be burning holes in their pockets.  It will be fun!

As for me.  I am getting a phone upgrade today at noon!   My old smartphone is slow.  The new Galaxy S III runs on the new 4G LTE network that we just got here in Reno yesterday!  Our son says it is lightening fast.  ATT says it is 16 times faster.

Ricky is getting some clothes and things that he asked for and needs.  I hope to find him a special gift in New Orleans for our second Christmas.



*Don’t worry, my family doesn’t read this blog or even know about it.  I posted a link on Facebook once and still they are clueless…..I think!


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