Sick again!

Good news!  I have lost weight.  It seems you can’t eat as much when you are trying to cough up a lung!  (The cat does it all the time I know, but he is not human or is he?)  I have bronchitis.  I went to urgent care on Friday after not sleeping the entire night.  She put me on an antibiotic pack, some cough medicine that has narcotics in it, and a puffer to use here at work.   If you had ask me Friday if I would be here at work today I would have said no way.  But the stuff is working.  I am getting better.  And I could not stand the couch one more day!


I was going to post a picture of a fur ball but this poor fellow lying in bed in pain with one is a much wiser choice don’t you think?

I learned somethings this weekend.  First, my partner is there for me and takes good care of me when I am sick.  Second,  mommy dearest is just as unresponsive in her 70s as she was when I was little. “We’re playing bridge dear, can I call you tomorrow?”  And last but not least, no matter how much money you give her, Hilary will not get the remodel done on time or in budget and it probably won’t even be anything you originally wanted.  I think I have seen every episode of  “Love it or List it”.


Hilary Farr

Oh and one more thing.  If you are depending on David Visentin to find you a new place be prepared to look at a lot of crap before he some how finds your dream home in the end, over budget of course!


David Visentin

With these two as my friend all weekend, is is any wonder I am back at work today?  I do think that a lot of the arguing is staged, but it does make for good theater, oh wait this is supposed to be a reality show isn’t it?   I am hooked on these home improvement channels.   The one where they go find a vacation house for half a million is a little unrealistic too.   And I started watching one about real estate in Alaska.   Too darn cold for me!  I don’t care how many acres of land the log cabin has around it.


3 Responses to “Sick again!”

  1. ive been away for a few days, and was glad to get the updates, but was sad to see you were feeling badly.

  2. Love (and hate) this show. I believe i’ve seen all the episodes, as well. I’m not sure which is the bigger bitch, Hilary or David. One thing I do know…the clients are often the stupidest twats in the world…and/or bigger bitches than the hosts.

  3. How are you now? Hope you’re better. Alaska, too cold and dark. I couldn’t take those long dark days nor those long daylight days. Just too weird.

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