We all need innocents

I am not sure how it happens, but every once in a while one of my old posts gets a new comment.  I guess people are searching on some key word and my blog post shows up.  Today it was my post on “The Little Shrimp“.    You may remember this piece about Robert Reed.


The focus of this read was the restaurant and memories of Laguna Beach.  The bars and the 1000 steps.


Apparently, the steps are still there but have lost some of their charm and the bars are all but gone.  No more Boom Boom Room.  No more Little Shrimp.  I have fond memories of this place in my youth.  It was the first beach I dared to wear a thong swim suit.  If I wore one today you couldn’t see it.  Ha!  No one was looking at my suit then either!  But for a very different reason.  On that beach I was free.   I could do what I wanted and it wasn’t the back of some sleazy bar (don’t get me wrong, I have been there too!).  Times were different.  People interacted without electronic devices.  We showed each other what we were made of not just photos on a cell phone.

I miss Laguna Beach, but I think I miss the innocents of the time more.


2 Responses to “We all need innocents”

  1. “Entering a bar wearing a thong swim suit.” Now there is an image that will be in my head for a few days. 🙂

    • I didn’t go to the bar that way! I was on the beach. I was so scared I never even stood up without pull on a shirt to cover my behind. When I went to the bar I was dressed. Well sort of ….at least it wasn’t a thong. I have seen guys come in that way from the beach though, thong, thongs and a backpack. Sort of a gay Dora the explorer.

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