I know this is something that can be a habit.   It is a habit I have been guilty of as well.  When someone says something and we are either daydreaming or not paying close attention, the common response is “What?”   I may have heard you perfectly and it finally registers in my brain but not before I blurt this out, “What?”

This is how my morning went today with Rick.  He asked me,  “Did you eat breakfast?” He asks this knowing full well the answer mind you!  I say, “No”.   He says, “What?”  I say, “NO! I DON”T WANT ANY!”  He says you don’t have to be so rude.  You see where this is going.  We have this argument many times.  I want to say, “Open your ears old man, and I wouldn’t have to shout at you!”  But that would be the kiss of death.

This banter goes on all morning through several other trivial questions.  He either doesn’t really hear my answers or is trying to make some kind of point.  At any rate it ends up with him saying something like, ” You don’t talk to people at work like that do you?”  The implication is that I treat my co-workers with more respect then I do him.  Then he follows that comment with something like ” I bet you do!  You must have all kinds of trouble!”  This is where  I tune out and head for the door.

I know it is all trivial and he is really just calling for attention that I am not willing to give first thing in the morning.  I am the one with the problem.  And I am working on it.


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