Boy Scouts Honor


What about this new Boy Scout ruling?

Believe it or not I was a Boy Scout.  In fact, I was an Eagle Scout and an Assistant Scoutmaster.    Once I knew I was gay I dropped out of the organization.   I didn’t feel comfortable.  Back then people associated gay with child molester.  I supposed they still do.  My father was District Camping Chairman so I did help out on special events when others were unavailable.  In fact, I was an archery teacher at several Cub Scout events (no overnighters!).   In a way I am sorry I didn’t stand up for myself back then, but that was not who I was at the time.

It was difficult enough taking on my family and friends let alone an organization that is largely sponsored by churches.  These people in the news today are brave folks.  I was a coward.

My uncle John is big on Scouting.  He is also a fundamentalist Christian.  We don’t socialize anymore.  He is only 10 years older then me.  I don’t know when he changed into this conservative a moralist he is now.   I suspect his wife had a lot to do with it.   I still love my uncle John.  I just don’t need to be preached to about my supposed sins.  He is a descent man.  And I remember him as a warm hearted and forgiving person, not who he has become.  I want to preserve that memory so I don’t associate with him much, big family gatherings, funerals, that’s about it.

So you see the Boy Scouts were personified for me by my uncle and my father.   Two men at opposite ends of the spectrum.  My father is a very tolerant man.

I am happy to see this change coming.  It is kind of ironic, because being a young scout brought teasing from school mates.  We were called ” faggots”.  Imagine that.

This change is a good thing for the Scouts.


2 Responses to “Boy Scouts Honor”

  1. I was crackers for my scoutmaster, and had lurid fantasies even at that age.

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