Coming up short in February

I was going to post about going to the Opthamologist and then I thought how boring.  The only odd thing was that he doesn’t make glasses.  There was a place across the hall that does but they don’t accept my insurance.  So now I have to take my prescription some place in the plan and get my new specs.  Seems odd that the doctor is in plan and the lab is not.

So I bored you with it any way.  What I really wanted to talk about was the discouraging situation of my weight loss.  Here is my problem.  In the beginning I need to lose well over a hundred pounds.  I have lost 30 so far.  I am trying to put this into perspective.  My granddaughter weights about one hundred pounds.  She is 16.  Her dog Sammie weighs about 30 pounds.   So basically I have lost the dog and have the 16 year old girl to go!  Interestingly enough her mother posted a picture of her with her dog on Facebook today!  So I was destined to use this analogy don’t you think?

imageEmilee and Sammie

I know I am prejudice but isn’t see a beautiful girl?  Anyway back to my problem.  I need to find a near term goal that is obtainable.  What has been happening lately is I get depressed about something and I over eat for a few days.  Then I get back on track.  I have probably lost 100 pounds.   The same 5, 20 times over.

Things happen in life that are beyond my control.  I need to stop worrying about them and let them run their natural course.  But it is hard to do.  Co-workers are in trouble.  Family members are in trouble.  I have a need to fix everything, and I can’t.   I need to focus on me.  That is something I can control.

So to that end I am setting a near term goal.  It should not be that hard.   I want the 10s position on the scale to go down one number by the time I go to Las Vegas at the end of February.   If I stick to my guns and don’t over eat, this is a realistic goal.  February is a short month so I don’t have as much time as I would like.  See I am already making excuses.

Here is a little history about why February is so short:

Basically Caesar Augustus stole a day for his month. – In the year 3961 AM, which we call 46 BC, Julius Caesar standardized the civil calendar of the Roman Empire so that it had twelve months with 30 days each. An extra 5 days were spread out among the months to keep the calendar in line with the seasons. Before then, the date depended on observations of the sun and the moon. He also introduced the concept of the leap day, which adds a day to February every four years. The month of Quintilis was renamed ‘July’ to honor him for this calendar reform. Later, Caesar Augustus made a minor calendar reform. Under Julius Caesar’s calendar, leap day came in the middle of the month and had the same date as the day before. Caesar Augustus moved the leap day to the end of the month and gave it its own date. February was an unpopular month, because it contained an unpleasant religious observance, so he moved one day from February to the month of Sextilis, which was renamed ‘August’ in his honor, and now had the same number of days as Julius’ month, July. Thus, February was left short.

Interesting stuff.  So basically, if I eat a Caesar Salad for lunch everyday in February,  I can celebrate in the longer month of August.  All thanks to some Roman’s with big egos.


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  1. I didn’t quite follow the logic at the end of this one !

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