Stress eating – on-call!


The stress of life is really doing me in again today.  I am on-call.  This means I am working 24/7.  Isn’t that wonderful?  And because I am salary I don’t get compensated.  It is just expected of me.  This week I have been called every night!  I have had to be on the phone for hours with tech support trying to get server problems resolved.   The irritating part of this is that the callers invariably tell me that they have had issues since earlier in the day and they wait until I am trying to eat my dinner to call!

This may be a new diet plan.  If I am talking on the phone with tech support I can’t be putting food in my mouth.  The problem is it makes me eat later.  The food has to be reheated.  Ricky is upset because he had to eat alone and his dinner is ruined because it sat for an hour, yah da,  yah da, yah da.    If we go out, sometimes I have to leave before we are severed.  Again disaster.

I need to find a way to get through to these people that the dinner hour is not an appropriate time to decide that you have a system failure.  Especially if you have been having issues since 3 in the afternoon!  I have tried to avoid eating at shift change because that seems to be a popular time to call for help.  I avoid leaving the house on the weekends before 10 am.  And still I get caught away from my computer and have to return home unexpectedly.

Monday the on-call moves on to someone else.   Can you imagine wishing your weekend was over?  I am!


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