The eating game!

I just wanted to thank everyone out there for writing such creative and wonderful blog posts.  I have been reading them and enjoying them.  I have attempted to comment when possible but my computer is not being that cooperative today.

I only wish I had something wonderful to write today myself.   I am not a football fan, so I didn’t eat those 1200 extra calories they have been talking about on the news.  That is supposed to be the average amount that fans ate.  I have an office mate who claims to have polished of an 18 pack.  That is 2448 calories.  He has beat the average without “eating” anything.


That’ one way to get six pack abs!

I confess, I did eat too much over the weekend.  But it wasn’t snack food or beer.  It was on-call angry eating.   Cookies, soda, pizza, french fries, milkshakes, basically crap!

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