Absence makes the heart….cold!


I just realized  I have not posted in 13 days!  Who knew?  Life has been busy at the Dunn and Johnson house.  We have been dealing with divorce papers (son’s), new girl friends (son’s again), soon to be ex wife’s shenanigans (yep son’s again), plus all of this had gotten Ricky in a mood that leaves me walking on eggs and still breaking them.

I won’t go into the son drama, but I will share with you how it has effected my life.  For example, last night Ricky got mad about something I did or said.   I don’t really know because he turned on the silent treatment. He never spoke a word to me until this morning when he discovered a charge on our account and wanted to know if I made it.  This lead to a whole big mess with the bank and changing our accounts etc.  It took his mind off of me and we started talking again.

I sort of know what he was mad about but not really.  I have a tendency to snap back answers to his question.  He says I shout at him.  I am a loud talker…that’s my defense.  I need to work on my inside voice and be a little more polite in my responses…..I know that.  But the silent treatment just pisses me off more.  Normally, I would apologize and he would go into what I did and how it offended him.  This time I let him stew…. all night!   I don’t think I am the one who needs to apologize.  He has some blame here too.   I am sure we will get into this sometime today now that he is talking to me again.

Anyway,  he complains that I am on the computer and the phone too much.  So I have tried to give him more attention and my blogging has suffered.  Plus I have been very busy at work (where I am blogging today!)  It didn’t help anything obviously.

Tomorrow I will get back on topic and leave this relationship stuff simmering on the back burner.  Hopefully,  you will all forgive my absence.  Your friend, Jeff.

Update:  Lunch was okay.  He had to get one last jab at me.  I was trying to get MyCharts on my phone and I was accused of snapping at him and he said he would leave me at the restaurant if I continued.  His blood  pressure was up from dealing with our bank account issues.  After he ate something his mood was a little better and I didn’t get left behind after all.  We actually had a pleasant conversation in the car back to my office (even if it was about Brandon, our son, and his new girl friend).

2 Responses to “Absence makes the heart….cold!”

  1. I’m not sure of the cast of characters in your family drama (who iis Ricky?) but I do know what the Silent Treatment is like and it isn’t good. Hope your situation resolves soon.


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