Elephants, Hippos, and Angry Bears.. Oh my!

I am on a quest for thinness and good health.  I went shopping for clothes.   This is a very scary thing for a XL person like myself.   At home I don’t have very many mirrors.  None are full length.  But at JCP they have those lovely triple mirrors.   I got to see parts of me a that I don’t general take in on a regular basis.  It was frightening.    For example, while I am happy to be losing weight, my butt is sagging, I have a hump on my back that I never knew was there, and the fat I see in the front does roll to the back!!  The good news is I am wearing smaller sizes.  Instead of 4XL elephant, I am now a 3XLT hippo.  Progress but not enough to make me smile when I look in the mirror and say who is that good looking fellow.  Hippos are cute though, don’t you think?


His trunk is up.  That is supposed to be good luck.

On the health front, my new cholesterol medication seems to be helping me control my sugar too.  I have never had such low readings since becoming diabetic 5 years ago.  And my memory is much better since stopping the statins.  I hate to admit it but Ricky was right about that too.


So now if I can get this Hungry Hippo down to an angry bear, that might make me smile.  Speaking of smiling, apparently I don’t do it very often.  I have had people (waiters mostly) tell me to cheer up.  Of course, once the food arrives I usually do!


Like this…..

gary busey

Not this….

One Response to “Elephants, Hippos, and Angry Bears.. Oh my!”

  1. Mr Radcliffe is a heartwarming spectacle.

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