Don’t drink and drive!!!

I suppose the last post was a little of putting. No one likes to read about death. Today I wrote a sympathy card to send to my aunt and uncle. I consulted the internet and there is lost of advice on what to say. So that task is complete.

I wanted to share with you what my uncle sent out after the accident. I found it a little bit disturbing:

We went to the car where it was towed to get her purse and other salvageable items. These are pictures we took. The tow truck driver said he was at the scene of the accident before the bodies were removed and he said find some solace in knowing they both died on impact. There were numerous beer cans, empty and unopened throughout the car. The Coroner said he would give us the blood alcohol level when determined. The Tow truck driver said it was the second worse mangle he ahs retrieved in his years of towing. The worst was one was one that was torn in 2 pieces. Contrary to the article, it was Leeann’s car

Here are the pictures:
















There was also a news report.  I can’t seem to share video without sending you to the site.


I just want to say,  wear your seat belts and don’t drink and drive.  This message has hit home for me on several fronts.  One of my office mates was fired two weeks ago.  It was for miss use of company equipment, but the real problem was his drinking.  I have a second office mate who has just returned to work after agreeing to go through a drug and alcohol treatment program.  And as I have written before my neighbor got cancer, and we suspect it was her alcoholism that weakened her immune system in the first place.  This is a drinking, gun toting state.  I don’t want to be one of the many victims.


2 Responses to “Don’t drink and drive!!!”

  1. Jeffrey,
    You won’t find a bigger advocate for don’t drink and drive than me. I’ve seen and heard of too many lives ruined by that fatal combination of drinking and driving. My neighbor’s daughter is in prison now for vehicular homicide. She is in for 12 years, the age of the 12 year old boy who died in the head on accident when she drove onto an expressway going the wrong way.
    A few months ago a much loved member of our gay community was hit by a drunk bartender of the bar both of then just left. He was riding on his bike and the bartender hit him with his Jeep and then attempted to get away but our friend’s body was still on the hood of his car. The drunk bartender was just sentenced to nine years in jail for vehicular homicide.
    I won’t even have one drink because just one drink will impair your reflexes. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Not only will you save y our own life but you will save a live (or lives) of those innocents who are injured or die because of your selfish actions.
    I am glad you posted this warning.


  2. I mark the end of my childhood when Grandfather died in a MVA from a drunk driver. I know this pain.

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