I have been here in Dallas learning all about our cardiovascular imaging software.  Dallas seems nice enough but I have been confined to my hotel and a few square blocks of resturant row in Addison. I have no car!
I am home sick. I miss my partner, Ricky.
You may have noticed I have not blogged much lately. We had a crack down on internet usage at work and when I get home the last thing I was is to sit at another damn computer . Plus Ricky doesn’t get what blogging is all about so I don’t do it when he is around. Tbat leaves me with no out.  I am going to make time because I miss readibg about all of you and bitching to you about ny life  Funny how it is easier to tell strangers  things you wont tell anyone through blogging.
I have bondrd with my I instructor. She and I are becone fast friends.
Enough of this for now  This thumb typing is tiring.


One Response to “Training”

  1. I was wondering about your relatively lack of blogging – and miss you!

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