Easter Supreme

I got really personal yesterday and I told you my emotional problems with weight loss.  Now I want to change course and discuss a topic I try to avoid as much as possible.  Religion.


As you well know the Supremes are hearing our case about gay marriage. (No not Diana Ross, although she is quite judgmental I am told.)  This has brought up my religious dander so to speak.   This being holy week and tomorrow being Good Friday I can’t help but get on my soap box about taking the Bible literally or as you know them fundamentalist Christians.

For example,  we call the day that Christ was crucified, Good Friday. Really, that is sort of an oxymoron isn’t it.   And did you know that the gospel accounts of this event differ on just what day it really was.   If you take  it word for word it doesn’t add up.  Christ rose up after three days and three nights.   Do the math people that would be Wednesday not Friday.  The Sabbath in those days was Saturday.  Then there is a reference to this being a special Sabbath rather than  the usual weekly one.  A high-holy day.  So who is right here?  No mater how you count it out there are not three nights between Friday and Sunday.   And this is the new testament.  We can find grave sites for these people (not like the creation of the world crap in the old book).

But these little inaccuracies can be dismissed by most people.  It is a matter of convenience that we choose Friday and Sunday.

I know this is a stretch, but is it also a matter of convenience that marriage is between a man and a woman?


I have always heard that God is Love.  Where is the love in DOMA.   And don’t get me started on the sanctity of marriage, my son has been divorced twice.  We as a people no longer consider this a life time commitment.

I really think they are missing the boat here.  More marriages means more divorces and more settlements.  Its revenue baby.  And if gays are more fickle and less stable then straights so much the better, right?

Happy Easter!  (which is actually April 3, 33 AD).


P.S.  I was raise by Protestant parents and attended Catholic High School.  I am well aware and educated on religious matters.   My father is a deacon.   I have great respect for religious beliefs and values. All I am asking for is that gay couples are given the same respect and rights that would be granted to any family.


2 Responses to “Easter Supreme”

  1. Equal rights for all, that is what we as gay people are due. The years of being “less than” is over. We are watching a fitful end to a shameful era of legalized discrimination.
    Retired in Delaware

  2. Happy Easter weekend my dear friend
    And I vote for Diana Ross as Chief Justice of the Supremes

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