Lost in the blog of Santa Rosa

I have had a few ideas for a blog entry the last few days.  I just haven’t made the time to write them.  My first one was inspired by another blogger.  He wrote about “younger” friends.  I thought that was an excellent idea.  But again I never wrote anything.  Then I thought about a food entry.  I had watched a video about the 7 food not to eat.   The video started out good then it degraded into a sales pitch for some weight loss club.  So that never made it to post.   Then I thought about writing about my son and his soon to be ex-wife stocking him.   But I don’t have enough to make a whole entry yet. This one my happen at a later date.

So now that you know what I am not writing about lets move ahead a little.  Tomorrow afternoon I am going to Santa Rosa!


Not this one.  Did you know she burned her hands in an act of penance? That’s what Wikipedia is for right?

One of Ricky’s oldest friends and her husband live there.   It will be wonderful to get out of Reno and go to the land of wine and lesbians.  I think they have more per square foot then any other city in the nation, lesbians that is not grapes. (There is even a club, SoCo Lesbos).

It was home to Charles Schultz  and the whole Peanuts gang.


I hope to relax for a few days and maybe have some wine and Mexican food.  Yum.


2 Responses to “Lost in the blog of Santa Rosa”

  1. the land of wine and lesbians sounds enchanting. What sort of winte do they serve, I wonder?

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