Okay, I admit it.  I watch American Idol.

Okay, I admit it.  I watch American Idol.   I know all the “cool” kids are watching “The Voice”.  I watch that too. (and DWTS!).  Any way last night the final four sang yet again.  I think all four of them could make an album or an iTune or whatever singers do now, but I was surprised last night by who I liked this time, and it wasn’t odds on favorite Amber Holcomb.


It was Angie Miller.  She lost those stupid curls (somebody must have stole her curling iron, thank god!)  She was very engaging at the piano singing “Who You Are” (Jessie J).  And I was equally delighted by her performance of “Cry Me a River” (Julie London).  Angie had not been my fave ever before last night.  She has learned a lot about stage presents and phasing since the beginning of this competition.  The judges say she pronounces everything too perfectly.  I really don’t see that as a bad thing, but last night she “loosened up” a bit and it did make it seem more real and heart felt then previous performances.


I know people like all the girls that are left.  I think they all will get record contracts.  Candice Glover is an amazing singer, but I don’t think she is going to win this thing.  Mainly because I am and old fart and I relate to her.  The viewers are a younger demographic.


And what about Kree Harrison you ask?  Again she has a great voice, but  she comes across as distant and not so friendly no matter what back story they try to give to her.

As for Miss Amber,  I really don’t like her.  Maybe if I close my eyes.

American idol judges grab 660

And don’t get me started on the judges this year, stinko!  I am impressed with Mariah Carey and Keith Urban, they both seem to give genuine advice that speak from experience.  What the heck Nicki and the Dog are say is anybody’s guess. (Too bad Mariah couldn’t find something low cut and sex to wear! Don’t enlarge this picture too much it may cause what we gays call the “gag reflex”.)


Okay, here is a picture of Amber.  She is not really that bad but still not my fave, even if she does look like a black and white cookie as Randy Jackson put it.  And her attempt to sing MacArthur Park….ooh my that sweet green icing wasn’t the only thing running.


If you want to see a black and white cookie look at this hot mess!  What nationality is she anyway? She keeps getting lighter and lighter.

P.S.  Thanks to rickey.org.  These pictures are all from last night (except this last one of Nicki.)

2 Responses to “Okay, I admit it.  I watch American Idol.”

  1. I don’t watch this show (ever) but I am intrigued ‘what happens’ to the winners. I am curious to know of any of them went on to real stardom or not.

    • Actually the very first one, Kelly Clarkson has been very successful as has Carrie Underwood, winner from season 4. Even some of the loser have gone on to success, Dream Girl, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry of the Daughtry band to name a few.

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