Happy Birthday Ricky

Palm Springs was wonderful.  We ate, we drank, we celebrated our 14th anniversary on May 5th.  It depends on how you count the years. We got together in 1999.  I am saying 14 years.  Next year will be the big 15.  We hope to go back to Hawaii for that one.

Today is Ricky’s birthday.  We had our first date on Cinco De Mayo at an Italian restaurant in Pacifica near San Francisco.  I fell in love through the peep hole.  There he was with his big green eyes.  We had been communicating through Yahoo! for several months.  So I felt like I already knew him.   Next thing I know I am wondering the wilderness of Modesto trying to find the house where his birthday party was being held.  I got lost big time.  When I got to the party it was winding down.  I met most of his close friends and family.  I also was warned by one of them, “you better not hurt him!”. That warning has come full circle, with our friends in Santa Rosa telling Ricky, “He’s a keeper don’t chase him off.”

We have been through a lot in the past 14 years.  There have been deaths, births, weddings, operations,  you name it.   I still am in love with him.   We don’t look the same but too me he does.  He points out how old he is getting and I have to take pause and look again.  I still see the same handsome man looking back at me.

So today is Ricky’s birthday and we are the luckiest two guys in Reno, because we have each other.


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