Brain fog and big belly

The interviews are over.  Now we are waiting for HR to present the offer.  Soon I will be sharing my office again.   I was getting used to being here all by myself.  But we could use the help so it is all good.

The coffee beans are not magical, as you may have guested.   My weight struggle really comes down to becoming more active (which might help me out with my foggy brain too!)  I don’t know if it is the medications or age but I can’t remember shit.  I am going to the doctor tomorrow morning to find out about a bump on my head and will ask her about my recent memory issues.


I was feeling much better when I changed medications, then I had to switch to a generic because insurance wouldn’t pay and I couldn’t afford 140 dollars a month.   Now I am thinking, getting my memory back might be worth it.  Perhaps there is some other medication that I can take in its place.

Gawd, I am old.  Talking about my meds and my health…..geez.

In other news we are going to Portland for the 4th of July.  I am wishing June away already.  Maybe I can do something about my weight in the next 30 days since I have nothing else exciting to do.


One Response to “Brain fog and big belly”

  1. Don’t ever wish for time to go away. Treasure each day. 😉


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