Promises for a leaner side view

So it seems I am an occasional blogger now.   What’s the occasion, you might ask?  I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with my appearance.  For years I have been telling myself that my weight was hereditary and that it was not that big a deal and I could continue on with my life.   But it is exactly that big a deal.  I hate mirrors.  My new office has a big plate glass window which provides me with a continuous glimpse of myself, full side view.  It is not pretty!

What can I do about this dissatisfaction?

  1. For starter, I have given up on magic pills.
  2. I am going to start walking everyday.
  3. I am going to practice portion control.
  4. I am going to reduce the stress in my life or at least control it better.
  5. I am going to go outside and use the pool even though I look like a beached whale.
  6. I will take the stairs when ever possible as long as it is no more then 2 flights. (I don’t what to die trying!)
  7. I am going to stay out of the kitchen past the dinner hour (unless it’s for a non-calorie drink).
  8. I am going to stop ordering french fries (This one is hard.  I have tried coleslaw and cottage cheese but they just don’t satisfy me.)
  9. I will stop eating chips at Mexican restaurants (Again this is tough!)
  10. I will look in the mirror and like the signs of progress I see towards my goal rather than feeling hopeless. (Again this is hard!)
  11. I will lose weight this summer!!!


(Not quite a 12 step program but 11 is heavenly!)


One Response to “Promises for a leaner side view”

  1. commendable and sensible notions !

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