I love to eat…help me!

I have been a having some success with my list (and some failings!).   I thought I should write down the good things first to give me strength to keep this up.

First,  I went for a swim after work last night.  I swam about 4 laps before feeling a little winded.  I stopped and sat on the steps just kicking and moving my arms for a while.   Then I thought I heard in the distance, “Hark,  Man the harpoons, full speed ahead.”   It was only a mother and her three kids coming down to use the pool.  The rest was my imagination.  But I did feel a little self conscience so I got out, dried off and let them have it to them selves.  The little girl did a cannon ball and that was it for me.

The next thing is both a success and a failure.  We had enchiladas for dinner.  Ricky made them with black beans as a side and no rice.  The failure part of this was portion control.  I ate 5 of them and almost a whole container of homemade pico de gallo.   It was delicious.  As some of you may know,  black beans are an excellent choice over re-fried beans and if you doctor them up that taste pretty good too.  On the upside we didn’t finish the entire pan of them.  I put some away for later (not just in my spare tire!).  It was a new recipe.  They are sort of like enchiladas suizas but the sauce was not that heavy cream you usually have with it.  I’ll have to post the entire recipe sometime.


Oh my gosh I want to go home and eat the rest of them right now just thinking about them.  But I won’t.  I am going to go for a swim and then we are having shrimp pasta, yummy.

Did you know they make a pasta measurer.  I know.  I always just grab a fist full and put them in water.  But you can actual measure portions of dry pasta.


There are several version of this device, but ours look sort of like the one in the picture.  It really help with portion control.  If I boil it I will eat it, if you no what I mean.

So back to my true confessions.  Yesterday at lunch we went to the barrio and had a wonderful burrito.  We had a Mexican day!  I love Mexican food. In fact, when I lived in L.A. and had a tan people thought I was Mexican. The place is called Speedy Burrito.  The problem was it came with a handful of those nasty tortilla chips.  When I was eating the last one I remembered my pledge.  It was bad but at least I didn’t have two or three baskets like I usually do in a sit-down restaurant waiting for my meal.


That’s enough confessing for one day.  Wish me luck.  I am not going to weigh myself until a week passes.  I need to take that horrid before picture.   I am not sure I am brave enough to post it.  Wait a minute I forgot to tell you another good thing.  I had to go across the street for a meeting.  I confess I took the car.  It was in the 90s yesterday.  When I got in the building I went to the elevator.  Then I remembered my pledge and I took the stairs to the second floor.  I am so proud of me. 😉


One Response to “I love to eat…help me!”

  1. I love Mexican food too and I agree with your doctor that black beans are better for you than refried beans (all that fat). I just discovered a wonderful black bean soup recipe (my own) and I’m going to make another big batch today. Pico de gallo, oh so good. I had a quart jar of that left after our blogger event this past March and I ate it all. I love cheese on Mexican food but I try to stay away from it, that is what really puts on the pounds. Taco chips? I eat everything they put in front of me while awaiting my main course. Wouldn’t want those chips to go to waste. They don’t recycle them you know. At least they’re not supposed to. 😦

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