Where am I going with this….

So here I am on the road to a healthier body, but on the way I am confronted daily with insults. I don’t know if people are intentionally trying to be mean or if they just don’t “think” before they speak. Here are some examples:

“Look at the belly on that guy” — expressed by a patient in a nursing home.

“I tried to save it for you but he is so big I was afraid”  — an old man in a casino. You better be afraid old man cause I will hurt you!

“I hope you lose” — women/witch in a casino. I know is almost sounds like a good thing but she was talking about money.  Karma is going to catch up with her.

“Hey, big guy”  — almost daily by many people.

And it is not just the comments. You get those looks and they size you up and down.  Those negative eyes of disapproval.  I know what you are thinking,  “You’re a big guy you can take it”. If only you new the truth of  behind that statement, but I digress.

So my thick skin is not so tough after all.  You would think this would be a motivator to lose weight right? If someone puts you down are you motivated?   I am motivated all right, but my restraint stops me from punching them in the face, and depending on my overall mood I want to go have  ice cream or crawl into a hole, neither one of which works.  The ice cream makes me bigger and then I can’t get out of the hole. (Don’t go there!)

What happened to that image of fat people being jolly and happy? Well, maybe if it is Christmas and you are Santa, but let me tell you they call me grumpy for a reason.

There are some people who like fat people.  I mean really like them.  They are called chasers.  I am scared of them!   And the Buddhists worship a jolly looking fat guy.  He is usually gold.    Maybe some gold paint would help?  But here in American fat people are frowned on.   We are considered slobs, lazy, and gross.   Let me tell you hygiene has nothing to do with it.   I have been around some nasty smelly skinny bike riding granola chomping tree huggers too.


Okay, so this one is cute, but you known the ones.  They ride their bikes across town to a meeting and sit next to you.  You can smell their B. O.  before they even scoot the chair up.   I guess all natural means no deodorant too.   And those sweat stains make my eyes water.

Where am I going with this?   What I am trying to say in a round about way is that I didn’t choose to be fat.  Fat chose me and my life style helps maintain it.  It is a disorder.  An illness if you will.   And it leads to other illnesses.   So stop teasing me and lets find solutions.  Or maybe I am pregnant?

Have you seen those ads?




One Response to “Where am I going with this….”

  1. Growing up I was unusually tall for my age (over 6 feet and not yet 12 years old). The usual comments I had to endure were “What grade are you in?” , like I stayed back a couple years. Actually I started school a year early and was 16 years old as a senior in high school. Then there was always the question “So how long have you been playing basketball?” Actually, I was to uncoordinated to play basketball or any sport (I throw a ball like a girl). After reading your experiences about being a “big guy”, I guess I should have been thankful that I was only harassed for being tall. People can be so cruel and damaging to our self-image. Hold true to yourself. 🙂

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