Biggest Little Side Show

We have company the next several days.  This reeks havoc on my diet.  Ricky made cheese cake!  We had it last night.  Broke my rule about eating after dinner.   I am going to be good the rest of the visit (I think).  We went out to a karaoke bar and I sat with a diet coke, not alcohol because I am on call again.

Tonight we are going to see “The biggest little side show” (no, not Honey bobo) at Harrah’s Casino, in Sammy’s Show Room.  It should be great (provided I don’t get a call during the performance).



This is the second week since the shows premiere.   Hopefully they have gotten most of the kinks out. The star attraction is a female fire eater and sword swallower.



I just hope I don’t retain my title as the “biggest little bear” in Reno after this weekend.  I am going to try really hard not to succumb to peer pressure.



One Response to “Biggest Little Side Show”

  1. My greatest bane to dieting/losing weight is the exceptions: the many special occasions which make me stray from my food rules.

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